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PMA/ PMMA has a stimulant effect, increases temperature and blood pressure, dilates pupils. There might not be the same euphoria as MDMA but it has a halluninogenic effect which can alter your perceptions.

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  • PMMA takes longer to kick in but is more potent (works at lower doses) than MDMA. Overdosing by taking more because you haven’t come up yet can be a big risk-particularly if you think you are taking MDMA.
  • Effects can come on all of a sudden sending your heart rate, blood pressure and temperature soaring.
  • People have reported dangerous reactions after taking less than a pill.

Taking a high dose of PMMA can be dangerous – call an ambulance ( in The Netherlands: call 112) immediatly if something doesn’t feel right

PMMA toxicity is serious so be honest with paramedics.

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