About Unity

Unity is a Dutch drug education project where trained volunteers, recruited from the dance scene, educate their fellow party goers about the risks of alcohol and other drugs. Our aim is to reduce harm caused by the use of alcohol and other drugs. Unity volunteers answer questions in an open minded and objective way, being credible to partygoers because they are just like them. Celebrate Safe and Unity joined hands in spreading their message across a much larger part of the nightlife community.

Think for yourself, care about others

This video (2011) about Unity shows what peer-education is and how Unity collaborates with the partyorganisers and medical services.

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The organisation§

Unity’s story began about 20 years ago in Amsterdam, when, in 1996, Jellinek Prevention developed a project together with party goers from the dance scene, aiming to minimize risks associated by alcohol and / or other recreational drug use among their peers. Today, Unity is active at almost 200 events per year, in six regions throughout the Netherlands.

Unity’s the aim is to deliver a positive contribution to the image of the party scene and to work on creating the safest possible environment for the community. For generations Unity’s volunteers and staff have dedicated themselves to this mission.

Unity volunteers are young people who have different interests, backgrounds, levels of education and musical preferences, but they all love partying and the corresponding lifestyle. All peer educators are participating within Unity’s policies and activities; cooperation with the target group is a key factor. After all, peer educators are the experts within their own subculture.

Jellinek Prevention, Indigo Preventie, Novadic-Kentron, Brijder and IrisZorg unite their efforts for this mission.

Year report 2014

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