Unity’s Guide to Celebrate Safe @ ADE 2019

Yes, it’s almost time for Amsterdam Dance Event! We are committed to provide good information and relevant harm reduction messages to all ADE visitors, in close cooperation with Celebrate Safe, Amsterdam Dance Event and all their partners and locations. Check our ADE page to enjoy your Amsterdam Dance Event to the fullest. There you’ll find (…)

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Sleep: the key to a great party

If you followed Unity this summer, you are now a real expert in the field of sleep and festivals. You no longer skip a night because you know that sleep is the key to a good party and a good recovery ;) But how do you do that during the indoor season, where night parties (…)

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Heatwave during a festival: here are 7 tips to Celebrate Safe!

Wow, the weather in the Netherlands is fantastic at the moment, and the forecasts are even better! It’s really important to be well prepared for a party during a heat wave. We’ve summed up the seven most important do’s and don’ts for you guys: 1. Use sunscreen If the sun is shining, please use enough (…)

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